Declaration of consent

By checking the consent field in the form, you give consent for HowToWin to use my stated data to:

  • Send me emails with answers to the desired information. As well as storing my data as long as they are relevant.
  • I have been made aware that external IT suppliers can be used, who operate the database in which my information is collected and stored.
  • I agree that HowToWin must store this collected information, and that this information thus becomes personally identifiable and covered by the protection rules of personal data legislation.
  • The personal data legislation applies to the storage of my information.
  • I have been made aware that I can always gain insight into the information that HowToWin stores about me, as well as revoke consent in whole or in part, by contacting HowToWin directly. I am also aware that I may claim errors in my information corrected and deleted if the conditions for this are met.

Data controller:
Parkboulevarden 31
8920 Randers