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We work with management and people in the center.
We help companies, leaders and employees to develop themselves optimally.

HowToWin is about winning – in other words, reaching the goal through a holistic view on strategy, outplacement,
recruitmen, headhunting, career counseling and not least, the board of director development and training.


We work goal-oriented with company development, strategy and lean implementation, and have experience from numerous processes within many branch of trade – we are dedicated, we are focused and we are quick in identifying opportunities

Board of Directors

A board of directors has to be competent and strengthen the company. We are experts in recruiting executives, and in training as well as developing the members of the board in becoming a capacity for the company


To find and employ the right employees is absolutely fundamental for all companies. A right employment can make an enormous difference, and unfortunately a wrong employment can likewise do the same! We possess a huge know-how in finding the right person – that is why we give 2-years’ guarantee


Helping trusted and loyal employees move on is important for several reasons. We offer outplacement services for both executives and non-executive employees. A service we have good experiences with and not least good results

Career consultancy

Can you feel your heart beating when you think about your job? Does your career have a pulse? Our experienced consultants and our wide network can be exactly what you are missing on your journey to your next dream job

New dream job?

Sign up with our CV bank so we can match you wth your next dream job,
or take a look at the positions we are currently about to ocupy

…perhaps it is you they are looking for!

Make it happen.

An old proverb that says, ”Fortune favors the brave”.

Our experience says, that fortune goes hand-in-hand with hard work and a focused effort. We believe, that if a dream is not pursued, then it will most likely stay as a dream.

Once in a while, one has to put dreams on paper, so they become a plan which one can work with and towards.

Curently we are looking inter alia for

our clients' opinion

Our services are based on trust. We are very clear about that.
Trust that we know our stuff. Trust that we do not waste time.
Trust that we can deliver the goods.


That is why we are proud of our clients’ testimonials.


See who we have solved tasks for earlier, and read examples of the results we have created for our candidates.


See who we have solved tasks for earlier, and read examples of the results we have created for our candidates.

Knowledge & inspiration

We have gathered a knowledge bank of articles, white papers and statistics which you are welcome to delve into and use as inspiration

we dare put numbers on

words and intentions do not mean anything if they do not lead to results
… they do so with us


Let us meet!

We would like to come out to you and meet confidentially, so that we can present to you HowToWin and the way we work.

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