Outplacement program

Below is a series of opinions from candidates who have been through an outplacement program with us in recent months.

You have also pressed on many right buttons with regards to me

I've got a much better picture of what it is I finally want to do professionally.
I have also uncovered /invalidated some questions about my strengths and weaknesses, and how I can use/identify them in the best possible way – have also given me ideas, what educational direction I should consider in the future – I don’t reckon that I am done with CBS yet.
You also have 'pressed' many right buttons in getting me to think more strategically and prospectively when I applied for jobs. That is, I have become better at answering relevant questions - also not seeking jobs where I do not really have any future.
I also think the program has given me great ideas when I, in turn, have to start looking for employees. I would think that I will be better to uncover my/the company’s needs after having gone through this process.


Outplacement program

It has been an eye-opener

I think our cooperation over the past 6-8 months has been extremely positive and instructive. It has been an 'eye opener', where I have received a real insight into what it takes to start a new career. Very good advice and coaching based on a structured dialogue and feedback process that was tailored to my needs.


Outplacement program

Kim is not only professionally competent - he is also empathetic

In connection with my lay off I was offered an outplacement program. A good friend, who is the HR manager, recommended Kim Holst from HowToWin.
I immediately contacted Kim, and after a first meeting where I could judge whether our ``chemistry`` was compatible, we started. Kim is remarkably talented, knowledgeable, energetic and persistent. I was forced to look at myself and my career from new angles, which was an eye opener. But Kim did it in an elegant and supportive way, which was a huge help. I have uncovered and worked with my strengths and weaknesses, my CV has been refined, I have learned to write applications, which ends at the top of the pile. I've learned how to activate my network and I have analyzed my own performance through an imaginary job interview.
Kim is not only professionally competent - he is empathetic and understands that as a redundant one struggles with feelings, and that one’s self-esteem has received a dressing-down. In Kim, I have all along had the best sparring partner one could ever wish for.
... and it's not easy ``to leave you.`` You have been a great support for me and have taken up much of my life the last 3 months. I will with pleasure, advertise about you everywhere.


outplacement program

I am now razor-sharp as to where my skills lie

When I started my outplacement program at HowToWin I was really unsure about who I was as an employee and where I wanted to go in my new career. Through my conversations with Kim and through the tools I have received, I am now razor-sharp as to where my skills lie and how to reach my goals. I can only strongly recommend HowToWin.


outplacement program

My best recommendation for an outplacement program

I give Kim Holst and HowToWin my best recommendation for an outplacement program. The program with its close personal counselling and good solid tools has definitely equipped me for my journey towards the next job, and TOTALLY lived up to the expectations I had for such a process. We have gone ALL the way around from the emotional phases, responses from associates with regards to awareness of what signals I should profile, to concretizing what I really stand for professionally and personally, inclusive what I really want in the future and finally, the journey there, with the preparation of applications, CV, networking, meetings and interviews.


outplacement program