Executive coaching

Senior managers need coaching to renew and rediscover themselves and to retain the ability to consistently execute at the highest level.


Perspective and focus
Executive coaching at a high level gives managers a unique opportunity to discuss sensitive issues in a confidential, inspiring and developing spaces.

The cooperation takes place in a completely professional relationship, designed specifically for your challenges. HowToWin’s coaches work from a structured and disciplined setup that gives perspective and focus.

Life-changing process
Entering into Executive coaching is often a life-changing process. You can choose to focus on your professional life and / or you may wish to include personal aspects. It will change the way you think and act.

An effective executive coaching produces results when it is based on trust, is persistent and challenging. HowToWin coaches have the experience and tools precisely to create a framework of achieving lasting results.

Typical themes include:
• Be the leader now, which you want to be in the future
• Overcome your challenges and struggles with elegance
• Clarification of the direction for future decisions
• Forward pointing career clarification
• Achieve better balance between work and private life

Choosing to work with a coach in an Executive coaching program is an expression of genuine desire to improve one’s personal performance, develop personal skills and to clarify a new direction.

Through HowToWin’s program you will be helped to develop a personal strategic plan with clear goals. You will likewise get support in pushing certain limits, helping you to realize your dreams and ambitions.

Extensive experience

HowToWin has since 2004 dealt with executive coaching, thus, we are amongst the branch’s most experienced in helping companies, employees and managers to achieve success.

Our candidates’ success is our success
We work wholeheartedly to ensure that any employee / manager who complete our executive coaching program, comes to a clarity about the direction they want for their career. The result will benefit the employee / manager and his employer.

References in all branches
Several hundred managers and employees have had extensive returns and development through HowToWin’s change processes. They come from companies of all trade. Many of these have been faithful for many years due to our high success rates.

HowToWin solves assignments all over the country and is established in several towns. We establish ourselves ad hoc, when we do not have an office nearby an assignment that needs to be resolved.

Experienced consultants
Consultants at HowToWin have a high technical and experienced knowledge of coaching on executive level. At the same time, our consultants have a leadership background, making it possible to coach in relation to personal development in a 360 ° perspective.

Do you desires to boost your personal performance?

Get competent training in the areas that are of importance for you, and draw on our hands-on experience with personal development of top-performers in Danish industry.

Our customers say:

Loyal, sharp and trustworthy

``Kim has an exceptionally broad knowledge, not only when it comes to the classic business school tools, but also when it is about people and relationships. In other words, all the soft values. He has a unique way in meeting us and understands how to read what we each need to focus on, that is, what we each need to use our energy on developing.``

Anne Kristine Mouritsen

Partner, Bjørn Christiansen Land surveyors