HowToWin recruits all types of managers and key employees for your business. The good decision in a recruitment process is valuable to you, and we help to ensure quality and momentum in the process.

No two recruitments are alike. That is why, we will always organize our process towards you and your requirements. With the right balance between search, advertising, screening, assessment, interviewing, testing and references, we ensure that you get the best candidate. At the same time your company will leave a professional and positive impression with all candidates, including those who did not, this time round, become part of your company’s team.

It is an art working with people. No leaders are alike. Only a 100% tailored approach paves the way for confidence and is ultimately crucial in getting the individual CEO, director or head of department to cross the finish
Kim Holst - CEO, HowToWin

The 4 HowToWin-phases

We map out the business needs: Interviews with key persons, performance requirements and expectations as well as analysis of the business and cultural issues relevant to the position.

Headhunting in the classic sense – attraction via CV databases and online advertising.

Interview and screening of candidates. The best candidates are presented to the customer and selected for an in-depth interview including personality analysis and references.

We follow up and ensure that the recruitment lives up to expectations.

Recruitment tasks are also resolved as pure headhunting.

Our clients say:

Candidates that accelerate our strategy plans

``We have experienced an efficient recruitment process where we have come successfully in target with a good candidate. Kim delves into the company’s needs and challenges, and has a deep understanding of what qualities a candidate should have. ``

Helle Melgaard

HR Manager, Tvilum