LEAN consulting

Strategic trustworthy Lean

Stringently monitored Lean processes helps you to get more out of the company’s resources and optimise productivity. Lean is a powerful tool used to put processes under the microscope in order to focus on continuous improvement and collect employees’ best proposals for streamlining.


HowToWin helps you with the practical Lean implementation:

  • We Identify customer value and value-added activities
  • We Identify KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) and quality measurements
  • We deploy Lean and coach those responsible for Lean implementation
  • We help you put focus on continuous improvement
  • We map out how you can optimise processes and thereby get more out of the resources

HowToWin has extensive experience in implementing Lean in production, service and administrative businesses. We have an ongoing collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industries (DI) and use their researches so that we are always at the forefront to ensure optimal and smooth process.

Are you interested in increasing competitiveness with min. 20%? Please contact us today for an informal meeting.

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