Organisational culture

Hofstede’s Multi-Focus Organisational culture model, is probably the most recognized organisational culture model today.

With more than 20 years of research and global data from over 70 countries and used by the largest organisations in the world, value is provided for any organisation that will enhance its strategy implementation significantly.

Organisational Culture is the way in which the members of an organisation relate to each other, their work, and the outside world in comparison to other organisations. Your organisational culture can either enable or hinder your strategy.

84% of managers agree that organisational culture is critical for the success of their strategy, and 60 % of managers say that organisational culture is more important than their strategy.

Hofstede Multi-Focus Model was further developed by Bob Waisfisz and is based on Geert Hofstede’s research. The model consists of 8 dimensions.

D1          Organisational Effectiveness
D2          Customer Orientation
D3          Discipline and Control
D4          Focus of Interest
D5          Approachability
D6          Management Philosophy
D7          Acceptance of Leadership Style
D8          Identification with your organisation

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The Hofstede Multi-Focus Model is a managerial tool aimed at helping organisations to align culture and strategy by visualising:

  • How is our actual organisational culture today?
  • Possible external restrictions limiting the optimal organisational culture
  • The condition for change
  • Hidden pain

Hofstedes multi-focus model:
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Hofstede’s approach is used by a number of market-leading companies worldwide, such as:

Why choose us for your cultural analysis?

  1. We are the only ones in Denmark who bases our approach on Prof. Dr. Hofstede’s (one of the best known culture and management gurus) scientifically confirmed work on organisational culture, and is commercially acknowledge by him.
  2. We are the only Danish consultancy house that can combine the analysis of organisational culture with the analysis of national cultural knowledge (which means that we take consideration for the Finish culture, when we measure Finish companies, etc.): this means, that we translate the results in a sensible cultural way.
  3. We are the only ones, that with one measurement, can furnish you with:
  • A precise picture (diagnose) of the distance between your present, desired and optimal culture.
  • The opportunity to stimulate cultural impact of change and effect.
  • A magnifying glass to rapidly extract the most important change challenges out.
  • A broad applicability: The range of dimensions covers a wide range of strategic challenges.
  • A wide range of integrated change tools that take into account your cultural challenges.
  • Cost and time efficiency: the intelligent software behind the fast scan performs all the analytical work, including automated reports

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