Board recruitment

Board recruitment is based on a preliminary analysis of business and management:

  • The current management team skills?
  • Where should the board especially supplement?
  • How does the board function and work today?
  • What is the outlook for the Board’s function in the future?
  • How can the interplay between board and management become even closer?

Based on the assessment of skills needs and the Board’s future function, we draw the profile of the person or persons necessary that will supplement the board.

In relation to the composition of boards, we draw on our many years of experience in recruiting specialists and managers as well as assessing high performance teams. The underlying method is basically the same and is used here to identify the company’s needs at board level. With regards to our Search & Selection activities, we have built a strong network of potential board candidates.

Cooperation forms
A successful cooperation is often based on the expectations that roles, effort and fees are aligned in advance between the company’s management, board and shareholders. At HowToWin we can contribute with our experience around some of the key issues in this context: What are the different models of cooperation that can be recommended? What is the right level of remuneration?

At HowToWin we focus on composition and recruitment of members for development-oriented boards. In particular, we have made it our specialty to advise minority and medium-sized growth companies, since we have a great insight into the strategic challenges that these enterprises face.


Locations where we offer Board and Directors recruitment:

KøbenhavnRoskilde, Århus, Aalborg, Odense, Middelfart (Fyn), Esbjerg, RandersViborg, Holstebro

CEO Kim Holst has a Board of Director education from Copenhagen Business School and sits on several boards and Advisory Boards. He is a co-developer and teacher at the Board of Education at Business Randers – working towards professionalization and value-based growth.

Would you like a board that contributes to the company's development?

We have knowledge and experience when it comes to recruiting members for a board, and equip them to strengthen the company’s development.