Our clients' opinions

Our services are based on trust. Of that, we are fully aware.
Trust that we know our stuff. Trust that we do not waste time.
Trust that we can deliver the goods.

That is why we are proud of our clients’ testimonials.
Below you can read more about what our clients think about our co-operation.

Loyal, sharp and to be trusted

``Kim has an exceptionally broad knowledge, not only when it comes to the classic business school tools, but also when it is about people and relationships, that is, all the soft skills. He has a unique way in meeting us and understanding how to read what we each need to focus on, in other words, what areas we each need to focus our energy in developing. ``

Anne Kristine Mouritsen

Partner, Bjørn Christiansen Land surveyors

Candidates that accelerate our strategy plans

``We have experienced an efficient recruitment process where we have come successfully in target with a good candidate. Kim delves into the company’s needs and challenges, and has a deep understanding of what qualities a candidate should have. He was responsible for both screening candidates and participating in the final interview. Kim has a very broad and deep business experience, which he generously shares. ``

Helle Melgaard

HR Manager, Tvilum

Two months and we got a new director

``Kim was responsible for the entire process - from screening of candidates to the final interviews in which he participated. It was a very targeted process where Kim regularly briefed the Board on the current situation. He made sure that commitments were held along the way and had a confident sense of what must be reported and when matters were insignificant thus not worth disrupting a board with. ``

Svend Thue Damgaard

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Arena Midt

From gut feeling to certainty

``It has been necessary to re-define my skills and what I'm really passionate about, and what are my priorities; academically and socially. This is highly referring to an inwardly reflective exercise where I articulate and clarify what I stand for and what I want of life. ``

40-year-old female scientist

Career counseling

I am now razor-sharp as to where my skills lie

``When I started my outplacement program at HowToWin I was really unsure about who I was as an employee and where I wanted to go in my new career. Through my conversations with Kim and through the tools I have received, I am now razor-sharp as to where my skills lie and how to achieve my goals. I can only strongly recommend HowToWin. ``


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