Our clients' opinions

From gut feeling to certainty

A female scientist at a large university hospital wants a significant career change. Kim Holst helped her in clarifying opportunities, career aspirations and competencies.

Here is what she said about the course:

What are your career challenges?
“I’m a scientist, but it is difficult, as it is a life job with many short-term contracts and thus a very unstable lifestyle. Now I am 40 years of age and want to change career tracks. ”

What does Kim Holst help you with?
“It has been necessary to re-define my skills and what I’m really passionate about, and what are my priorities; academically and socially. This is highly referring to an inwardly reflective exercise where I articulate and clarify what I stand for and what I want of life. ”

How does Kim support you in the process?
“It’s a tough process, but Kim is good at keeping me up to the mark and make me believe that I have good opportunities in the future. He is very inspiring – and caring. “