Have you been let go?

Are you just been let go and ask yourself the question: What now?

Our experience, based on having helped hundreds of other people in similar situations, further with their career, is that this process quickly produces the best results.

The 3 HowToWin phases:


Phase 1 – Analysis phase

Your previous experience with job search is reviewed, after which we jointly plan the future program. The first part of this program includes among others:

  • Career review
  • Performance analysis
  • Professional qualifications
  • Values
  • Career anchors


Phase 2 – Goal- and means phase

The goal of this phase is to take a broader analysis of your opportunities and job perspectives in order to widen your search field. Focus is placed on possibilities instead of limitations. The contents of this phase includes:

  • Job window
  • Job goals
  • Profile
  • A CV that sells
  • Creating a good LinkedIn profile
  • Job assessment


Phase 3 – Go to market phase

Tasks and exercises in this part of the process illuminates all the possibilities for finding a new job. This phase includes among others:

  • Advertised posts
  • Optimal use of LinkedIn, etc.
  • Networking
  • Unsolicited posts
  • Internet search
  • The job interview, with video training
  • Get started!

Tools & knowledge

In the process, you get additional direct access to the company’s database with all Danish firms as well as our extensive e-Outplacement platform, providing you with access to knowledge, tasks, databases, article collection, video clips and instructions, etc.

We have many different outplacement programs, which vary in length and extent, with and without job guarantee, all built around the same basic effective framework – tailored to meet your needs.

Have you been let go? Then do what hundreds of managers and employees have done before you. Reach your job search goal successfully through a dedicated outplacement program at HowToWin.

We clarify, in popular terms; what you can, where your next employer is, and how to get there.

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What do you, who has been let go, get?

You get:

  • A respectful and accelerated program for a new dream position
  • Specific sparring about job applications and job interviews
  • Extensive intensive consultation and assistance in personal marketing and throughout the job search process
  • The opportunity to work efficiently and structured with your job search
  • Identification and assessment of skills and values as well as own success factors and career goals
  • Professional and personal support to restore confidence, motivation, and work ethics
  • Ability to turn an unpleasant situation into a forward-looking and constructive process

Let us have a talk about how we can help you from start to getting a job

Have you been let go? Then do like hundreds of managers and employees have done before you. Reach your job search goal successfully through a dedicated outplacement program at HowToWin.

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How do you perform evaluation and quality assurance on an outplacement program?

Basically HowToWin has three purposes on performing evaluation and quality assurance.

  1. To ensure and document that the agreed results are achieved to the satisfaction of all parties
  2. To ensure that the candidates receive a positive and forward-looking process that is flexibly organized to meet the needs and requirements of the individual candidate
  3. Overseeing and ensuring that the agreed measures and concepts have a high quality and can be custom-fit


We have offices, where we offer job assistance/forwarding your career:

KøbenhavnRoskilde, Århus, Aalborg, Odense, Middelfart (Fyn), Esbjerg, RandersViborg, Holstebro

Maybe you are the one we are looking for?