Training of boards and board members

At HowToWin we have extensive experience working with growth companies and have considerable insight into the prerequisites that help to ensure business success.

The first step is to form the basis for a natural, smooth and efficient cooperation between management and board.

We work with different managerial tools as well as models (example) and tailor our approach according to company size and strategy.

Choose different courses

  • Sparring in a shorter or longer period (onboarding)
  • Consulting on business partners with Corporate Governance and central legal questions on responsibility
  • Individually designed up-qualification for Board of Directors


Locations where we offer Board or Director training:

KøbenhavnRoskilde, Århus, Aalborg, Odense, Middelfart (Fyn), Esbjerg, RandersViborg, Holstebro

Does your board have the latest knowledge and the best tools?

To sit on a board is about more than experience – it’s about knowledge and perspective, and to be able to navigate in the reality, the company is in