Dismissal, letting go, outplacement, termination, firing, changing track – outplacement is for many the constructive, forward-looking way to new opportunities.

Resignations are an inevitable part of any company’s development. At the same time, it is a serious matter for the company and for the managers and employees affected.

With a well-designed outplacement program, the company helps a terminated manager or employee forward in his career.

We have a thorough knowledge of the job market and considerable experience in coaching / sparring of managers and key employees.

Outplacement program is one of HowToWin’s core competencies, both as individual and as a larger group program, typically associated with downsizing.

why outplacement?

Because outplacement pays off!

Experience and studies speaks clearly about the subject – Outplacement is a good idea because it, both socially and economically, makes sense.

Have you been let go? See what you get out of outplacement

Have you been let go? Then do like hundreds of managers and employees have done before you. Reach your job search goal successfully through a dedicated outplacement program through CEO Kim Holst.

We have offices, where we offer Outplacement in:

KøbenhavnRoskilde, Århus, Aalborg, Odense, Middelfart (Fyn), Esbjerg, RandersViborg, Holstebro