People who create results

Strong, lasting results occurs through a deep insight into what makes people perform, and vice versa what causes them block. HowToWin helps you and your company to attain significantly, measurable results. Our solutions are both flexible and documented. We give your business an effective boost so that the attractive experience of success becomes part of your reality.

Kim Holst, owner and CEO of HowToWin, has more than 25 years of experience in management within manufacturing, service, sales and management at CEO level in both international and Danish companies. He masters creating a visionary strategy that can be put in action immediately. He is a strong sparring partner when the master plan must prove its worth in daily operations.

Kim Holst graduated HD-A, MBA from Aalborg, and Board of Education from CBS. With him as a sideman and together with HowToWin’s other consultants as a team, your business will make it easier to the finish line.

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