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40% of all recruitments without test profiles fail

40 % of all recruitments with test profiles are no longer in the company after 12 months, says research from the University of Southern Denmark.

In a world of small economic margins, the pressure on leaders are still increasing in taking right decisions. Different kinds of tests help managers and talents to increase self-awareness, so they take advantage of their potential and thus deliver the results that the organisation and not least they themselves expect.

The different profiles give the involved parties an informed basis on which to make the decisions. For that reason, HowToWin has one of the broadest palette of tests for a wide range of areas.

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Not all selection methods have equally high level of quality!

It is expensive for a company to make the wrong choice in recruitment. That is why many resources are used to minimize the risk of choosing the wrong candidate by taking various selection methods in use – including IQ test.

The figure below by Frank L. Schmidt & John E. Hunter (1998) illustrates the correlation between the validity of the individual selection method and progress in working life (called the predictive validity). In other words, there are good returns in using the most valid selection methods.

Source: The Validity and Utility of Selection Methods in Personnel Psychology:  Practical and Theoretical Implications of 85 Years of Research Findings

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