Personality traits


The Hogan test is a personality test primarily for executives, managers and specialists who focus on how to achieve results. Hogan test is an evaluation of reputation and management force, which means that the test gives input on how others experience the tested person in work contexts.

The test analyses the driving force and motivation, strengths and weaknesses, as they can be experienced by others. It ends with a very thorough review and a report with suggestions on how the tested person best achieve the desired results.


NEO-PI-3, is one of the widest-based personality tests on the market. It integrates decades of English and American research in personality, and the underlying theory is the most widely recognized within personality psychology.

The test calculates personality in five dimensions – emotional reactions, extroversion, openness, friendliness and conscientiousness. Each dimension includes six facets or subdivisions, which allows for a very comprehensive and accurate analysis of relevant areas of the personality. Measurement is thus made on 30 parameters.


JTI / MBTI identifies human preferences and gives the opportunity, in a constructive and positive way, to create the foundation for personal development. Once you understand the principles of JTI / MBTI, you can gain a valuable insight into how your personality affects other people. It is extremely important when you, for example, seek the job that best suits you and when you are going for a job interview. You also get the chance to make your working relationships more productive and enjoyable because you acquire a tool that quickly helps recognize the different main personalities among those you associate with.


DISC provides a very accurate insight into the preferred working style employees have, giving you much greater security when you recruit because you can identify where to focus training and development and gain an understanding of how you can boost staff retention morale.

It also helps you to spend less time with poor performers and instead focus more on those who really help drive the organisation forward. Use DISC to:

  • Recruit the right person for the right job
  • Identify employees to be appointed
  • Put together teams
  • Solder motivation and morale to anticipate staff turnover
  • Accurate identification of development areas that will provide maximum benefit for the employee / organisation
  • Performance management
  • Resolve team conflicts
  • boost motivation

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