Decision Dynamics Career Model™

What is it that drives us in our career, and how can the manager identify and meet these motives?

The four career types:

  • The Expert does not see an ascending career as important. The expert is motivated to gain more knowledge and develop his skills.
  • The Linear has focus on rising up in the organisation’s hierarchy and motivated by results, authority and power.
  • The Spiral makes career in a sort of circular movement that builds on top of each other with five to ten years in each field. The Spiral type is motivated by development.
  • The Transitory seeks frequently changes in duties and areas and is motivated by variety and independence.

For many companies, it is important to have knowledge of the employees’ inner desires for career development. This provides a good basis for comparing it with the company’s needs in the short and long term.

Career Model ™ can be used as a component of the annual appraisal interview. The test is a successful dialogue tool to create clarification with the individual employee.
The manager and employee can from the test results together organize a focused career path that balances the individual employee’s wishes and needs of the company.
Career Model ™ is also useful in recruiting contexts, since it gives the company the opportunity already in the initial recruitment phase to determine whether it is possible to meet future employees’ career motives and thus identify whether the candidate fits the job.

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