High Performing Teams

Team Report

Team report is a tool that focuses on the team’s different personalities, the mutual relationships and different strengths and challenges a team possesses.

Hogan team report compares team members Hogan profiles and provides insight into the team’s internal dynamics and different skills. Team report focuses on the following main areas:

  • Team roles – team division on 5 pivotal roles based on HPI: Results, Relationships, Process, Innovation, Pragmatism
  • The team’s culture
  • The team derailers
  • Individual perspectives

Team Discovery

Team process player – Team Discovery, which supports Hogan team report’s focus areas. The game provides the possibility to facilitate a team process based on the Hogan team report results.

We hold 1-day Team Workshops with the following contents:

  • Thorough introduction to personality and high performing teams
  • Theory and background for the team report
  • Overview of the team report and detailed examination of the various elements
  • Real case studies and exercises
  • Feedback on team analysis
  • Planning of team processes and workshops
  • Online training modul with quiz

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