IQ and ability tests

IST 2000 R

IST 2000 R, is an intelligence test to assess the adult’s general intelligence and other related cognitive domains / areas. The test is designed for the wide normal range, but is also able to differentiate both the high and low end of the scale.

The test consists of three modules (a basic module, a learning module and a knowledge module), which can be administered independently of each other. If you combine the basic module and knowledge module, you can calculate additional scales in the form of better measure of flowing and crystallized intelligence. The basic module consists of a total of nine subsamples (of every 6-10 minutes’ duration), divided into three subtests in each of the following cognitive domains: Verbal, numerical and visual-spatial.

In the structure and composition of the subtests, the module is exemplary for IQ testing in accordance to modern psychometrics and intelligence theory. That is why, the use of this module ensures an almost optimal assessment of general intelligence. You can also choose to limit themselves to using fewer subtests at the expense of lower accuracy in the domain score or general intelligence. It can for example be relevant in cases where you just want an overall estimate of IQ or have to do with people who do not speak fluent Danish (here the verbal part can be omitted). Thus you can combine your own tests based on how long you want to spend and what cognitive domains that you want to test.



Matrigma constitutes a cognitive measurement of ‘General Mental Ability’ (GMA), which is used to assess the candidate’s logical-analytical capacity and ability of general problem solving.

Matrigma is nonverbal and therefore less sensitive with respect to cultural differences between individuals. The test questions are presented with increasing difficulty, and it is implemented on time. Matrigma is available in Danish.


How quickly a new employee learns new procedures and reacts to change can mean the difference between success and failure in the job. And a CV cannot give you the whole answer. It cannot tell you who makes a good start and immediately makes an impression in the job.

The GIA measures a person’s mental horsepower. And by understanding how quickly your candidates can learn and retain new skills and procedures, you have a reliable indicator of the person’s potential to get hold of and / or develop in the new role. You also get an indication of how well they will respond to training.

And as everything gets tougher, you face two challenges: the first is to encourage your managers to adapt in a constantly changing organisational environment; the second is to ensure that your top performers are loyal and committed. GIA makes it possible to identify the conductors with the potential to drive and guide changes. It also helps you understand your employees’ capabilities and enable you to develop your performers by giving the right dose of challenge in the right areas.

GIA testing is done online and give you a report that can answer various questions about candidates and employees, such as:

  • Can this person respond quickly to new challenges?
  • How adaptable is he?
  • Can the person handle mental demands on the job?
  • Is there potential in becoming top performer?
  • Is he a problem solver?
  • To what extent can the person be developed through training?
  • Is the person sufficiently challenged?
  • Is there capacity to handle additional mental demands on the job?
  • Can the person drive change in the organisation?


GIA helps you choose the right person for the right job, and thereby keep your employees motivated and challenged, as well as to identify your leadership potential.

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