Board of Directors

In our view, the board has 5 main areas as key success criteria:

  • Ensure an optimal long-term return to the owners
  • Put the strategic direction in cooperation with the Executive management
  • Ensuring that the right candidates are in top management CEO, CFO, COO, etc.
  • Ensuring a capital foundation for an on-going business for the next 12 months
  • Have a focused risk management on all aspects of the business

Especially in the case of a company with complicated processes, companies need input from an analyst who has an overview and experience knowing when and in what order to act.

HowToWin works with the training of members of boards, recruiting profiles for the board, who can, for example, match the existing group as well as the evaluation of the board’s work.

Would you like a Board of Directors that contributes to the company's development?

We have knowledge and experience when it comes to recruiting members for a board and equipping them to strengthen the company’s development.

CEO Kim Holst has a Board of Director education from Copenhagen Business School and sits on several boards and Advisory Boards. He is a co-developer and teacher at the Board of Education at Business Randers – working towards professionalization and value-based growth.