Intelligent Winner-strategies that create change

We assist management in addressing complex issues, develop action-oriented business strategies, create and thereby maintain extraordinary results.

From strategy to action

A convincing strategy translates plans and innovative ideas to behavior and clear priorities of daily life; both in terms of management, employees, stakeholders and business partners. A business strategy must be concrete, achievable, convincing, visionary and show the desired direction.

``An effective strategy is not about producing a 100-page Word document, supported by 40 closely written slides just to satisfy the board. A talented strategy sets, in contrast, the company's ambition, direction and provides a platform for employees to focus their efforts. ``
Kim Holst, CEO of How To Win

This is how HowToWin does it

  • We tailor a strategy process that serves as a realisable travel guide. Through the use of a wide range of tools and target criteria, we create the basis for strategy to be converted into action and results.
  • We adapt the use of strategy tools so that they are practical and understandable for everyone involved.
  • We establish supporting structures and processes that ensure that the company has the necessary organisational capacity to actually implement new developments.
  • We capacity build our customers so they, through own empowered, can implement the long-term transformation.
  • Performance management ensures consistency between the company’s overall strategy and goals across the organisation. The strategy is broken down into personal objectives and executable activities that employees can act on.
  • The processes are always carried out in close dialogue with the CEO and the management team of the company.

Growth Opportunities!

We help your business to unfold its full potential by:

  • Identifying and prioritising growth opportunities
  • Developing strategic flexibility in connection with new growth plans
  • Working out a realistic and practical plan to create growth

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Therefore HowToWin

We have many years of experience as consultants, catalysts and sparring partner for companies in need of an overall strategy. Furthermore, we help to break down the strategy into practice = the most difficult part of the strategy work. Let HowToWin be your next strategy consultants and get results!


Offices where we offer strategy consulting in connection with winning strategies:

KøbenhavnRoskilde, Århus, Aalborg, Odense, Middelfart (Fyn), Esbjerg, RandersViborg, Holstebro