Why outplacement?

Because outplacement pays off!

Experience and studies are clear on the subject:

  • Professional redundancies bring people faster back on the job
  • Most companies want to operate with a high degree of social responsibility
  • An outplacement process helps to maintain a higher motivtion for the terminated employee through the upcoming job search process
  • An outplacement process is an important contributing factor in helping individuals quickly and easily through an upcoming job change
  • A professional dismissal process has a positive impact on corporate image – both internally and externally
  • Companies that help employees further in their careers, are considered more professional with a focus on CSR

Are you about to terminate employees?

Are you about to face terminating one or more employees in your company? Please contact CEO Kim Holst and hear how a dedicated outplacement program can benefit both the company and employees.

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What do you, who has been let go, achieve?

You get:

  • A respectful and accelerated program for a new dream position
  • Specific sparring about job applications and job interviews
  • Extensive intensive consultation and assistance in personal marketing and throughout the job search process
  • The opportunity to work efficiently and structured with your job search
  • Identification and assessment of skills and values as well as own success factors and career goals
  • Professional and personal support to restore confidence, motivation, and work ethics
  • Ability to turn an unpleasant situation into a forward-looking and constructive process

Have you been let go? See what you get out of outplacement

Have you been let go? Then do like hundreds of managers and employees have done before you. Reach your job search goal successfully through a dedicated outplacement program at HowToWin.

How do you perform evaluation and quality assurance on an outplacement program?

Basically, HowToWin has three purposes on performing evaluation and quality assurance.

  1. To ensure and document that the agreed results are achieved to the satisfaction of all parties
  2. To ensure that candidates receive a positive and forward-looking process that is flexibly organized to the needs and requirements of the individual candidate
  3. Overseeing and ensuring that the agreed measures and concepts have a high quality and can be custom-fit


We have offices where we offer job assistance/forwarding your career:

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