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Two months and then we got a new director

An effective recruitment process of two months with Kim Holst at the helm, and thus we had hired a new director for Arena Midt in Kjellerup says Chairman Svend Thue Damgaard.

How did Kim Holst help you as a recruiter?
“Kim was responsible for the entire process – from screening of candidates to the final interviews in which he participated. It was a very targeted process where Kim regularly briefed the Board on the current situation. He made sure that commitments were held along the way and had a confident sense of what must be reported and when there were insignificant matters that were not worth disrupting a board with. ”

Were there specific challenges in the process?
“At one time there was on the board disagreement about the upcoming director’s profile. Kim quickly caught this disagreement, called for a meeting and got the opposite parties to meet so he could proceed with the process. ”

What are Kim’s main strengths?
“He is a pleasant man who has broad business experience, which he likes to share. Furthermore, Kim has a keen ability to ask about and identify each candidate’s strengths and in some cases ‘the holes in the cheese’. It requires a good human understanding, good interview skills and broad academic insight to find out whether a candidate is just good at selling herself, or whether the candidate really has what we need. ”

Are you continuing your collaboration with Kim?
“We are going to start our board development at Arena midst. And Kim’s our coordinator. “