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Candidates that accelerate our strategy plans

Tvilum has more than 1,000 employees in Denmark spread across factories in Hauge, Silkeborg, Kjellerup and at the headquarters of Fårvang between Aarhus and Viborg. Kim Holst has helped to recruit a manufacturing manager and assisted with outplacement.

Helle Melgaard, HR Manager at Tvilum, talks about working with Kim Holst:

How do you experience Kim in his work as a consultant?

“We have experienced an efficient recruitment process where we have come successfully in target with a good candidate. Kim delves into the company’s needs and challenges, and has a deep understanding of what qualities a candidate should have. He was responsible for both screening candidates and participating in the final interview.  Kim has a very broad and deep business experience, which he generously shares. ”

How is Kim as a person?

“Very pleasant and honest. I would really like to work with Kim again. He has a great professional and compassionate care for the people he comes in contact with. ”

Has he also helped you with outplacement?

“Yes, and it was a great comfort to us to know that the dismissed was in the best of hands, and thus got a good chance of getting on with his life. This certainty also means a lot for the colleagues who continue working in the company. “