Our clients' opinions

Loyal, sharp and to be trusted

Anne Kristine Mouritsen, partner at Christiansen Land Surveyors: Kim Holst has drawn-up our strategy, he sits in the advisory board, has assisted with recruitment and as a sparring partner for our upcoming LEAN project.

Why did you contact Kim?

“We are two partners who wanted growth and needed qualified sparring, and we also needed to grow individually. By getting hold of Kim, we were able to focus on both areas. He has experience from a wide range of companies and is really good at selecting and applying the tools that are just right for us. ”

What are Kim’s strengths?

“Kim has an exceptionally broad knowledge, not only when it comes to the classic business school tools, but also when it is about people and relationships, that is, all the soft skills. He has a unique way in meeting us and understanding how to read what we each need to focus on, in other words, what areas we each need to focus our energy in developing. Kim is also deeply loyal and never divulges what we have discussed with others. Some have a tendency to talk too much. He has a rather high integrity ”

How does Kim work?

“He does not really say much, so I think that he lets us get to the results. He throws us into a wide range of effective, simple tasks that makes perfect sense. One example: He asked us short, to write our different types of customers, group them and then assess where we earn money. ”

Who ensures the drive in a co-operation?

“Kim keeps us alert – we hold regular meetings, and sometimes he sends a text message just to hear how it is going. Thus he helps us to lift our heads from operations and think more long term. ”

Why seek help of Kim?

“It’s good to have someone who can look at our challenges with fresh eyes, and it has to be someone like Kim that can both inspire us to think strategically and help us to get both body and actions on the plans.”