Executive outplacement

Outplacement – with job guarantee

Executive Outplacement is a unique outplacement program with job guarantee. The process continues at a fixed price until you are engaged in a new job.

This outplacement process is for those who want the best of the best, and we continue until you are in a satisfactory new work engagement or you choose to stop the process.

We work 360 ° on all relevant areas, endowing you with a presentation material which ensures that you are at the top of the applicant pile.

Your consultants are longtime leaders, who have personal network and know the latest trends in the market. You learn to master social media and the proceed is tailored according to your individual situation. Everything in this proceed is compounded to accelerate your entrance back in the job market.

  • We are a recruitment company and know what happens on the other side of he table
  • We are small and flexible, “call today and we will meet tomorrow”
  • We will not let go until you are in a new position

The typical target group for the program Executive Outplacement:

Directors and other members of the Executive Board

After drawing up the job target, work with a parallel structured process will be undertaken, where a plan will be established for both direct achievement of desired job as well as a plan for obtaining a job, which can be used as a springboard to desired job.
Access is given to our extensive e-Outplacement program used as a tool. The program is adapted to the individual so that the fastest success possible is experienced in the job search.

The 3 HowToWin phases:


Phase 1 – Analysis phase

Your previous experiences with job search is uncovered after which we jointly lay out the future program. The first part of this program includes among others:

  • Career review
  • Performance analysis
  • Professional qualifications
  • Values
  • Career anchors


Phase 2 – Goal- and means phase

The goal of this phase is to take a broader analysis of your opportunities and job perspectives in order to widen your search field. Focus is placed on possibilities instead of limitations. The contents of this phase includes:

  • Job window
  • Job goals
  • Profile
  • A CV that sells
  • Creating a good LinkedIn profile
  • Job assessment


Phase 3 – Go to market phase

Tasks and exercises in this part of the process illuminates all the possibilities for finding a new job. This phase includes among others:

  • Advertised posts
  • Optimal use of LinkedIn, etc.
  • Networking
  • Unsolicited posts
  • Internet search
  • The job interview, with video training
  • Get started

Maybe you are the one we are looking for?

We offer, among other things, to work with:

  • Linkein profile in another language
  • Possibility of subsequent purchase of meetings with headhunters/companies abroad
  • Possibility of working with career-enhancing behavior
  • Course in English with English E-outplacement
  • Providing headhunter list
  • Discussion on board of directors positions
  • Support 24/7
  • Advice in connection with start-up of own business
  • Employment of relevant test profiles

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